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Small Bathroom Remodeling Ideas Need Not Always Be Expensive

Small Bathroom Remodeling Ideas Need Not Always Be Expensive

There are numerous small bathroom remodeling ideas which you can find in the market today but not all can be truly depended on. This is for the fact that the tiny bathrooms are definitely tough to renovate and change into something that looks better. So here are some dependable ideas which you can apply in your own bathroom.

First is very practical advice and that is to never ever cramp up or clutter your tiny bathroom with unnecessary stuff. Take away all impractical appliances and just make everything simple. Choose simple designs as well from your sink, to your mirrors and even down to your shower stall.

When you reduce the sizes of the stuffs inside for your small bathroom remodeling, you can get a lot of more space to move around in. Another great idea would be to take out any accessory that is bulky inside the room. For instance, you may want to consider moving out the bathtub out and just install a shower stall.

You can also consider installing a shower pan and then just surround with a pleasant curtain or just a simple yet durable plastic stall. You can search the Internet for more bathroom shower stall ideas for this one.

Your small bathroom remodeling plans can also be as simple as just changing the hardware around or maybe repaint some sections which could be a great makeover plan. You can also give it a new look by having the tiles changed with new ones of various types you can find in the market today.

All these well stated ideas can be easily implemented especially if you want to pursue a do it yourself project or maybe you suddenly want to save some on your budget. All these are advantageous and won’t necessarily cost a lot than you expect it to be.

To make your small bathroom remodeling plan more effective, you can consider drawing a simple sketch of your small spaced bathroom. One good thing about this tip is that you will be able to see the change that your bathroom will have from its past look to the current and brand new appearance.

If all else fails, just settle for the most affordable and easiest remodeling step which is to paint it new. Just make sure that you choose the right shade of paint and be decided with the theme of your remodeling task for your bathroom.…

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Bathroom Remodeling From Expert Bathroom Remodelers

Bathroom Remodeling From Expert Bathroom Remodelers

Bathroom remodeling is in fashion and people are continuously looking towards the advancement and sophistication of their bathroom facilities. From high-end faucets to luxurious tubs they install everything to accentuate their baths. Plumbing contractors also supply advanced form of plumbing materials to assist homeowners. They install all high-end bathroom suites depending on your specific fashionable and functional requirements. Their wide range of plumbing services include all facets of bathroom installation including a broad range of suites from standard Jacuzzi, power showers, wet rooms, etc.

Expert bathroom remodelers and plumbers also undertake all associated dimensions of a comprehensive bathroom installation. Experienced plumbers help to create the bathroom of your dreams whether it’s traditional or uber-modern. If your bathroom requires a make-over then plumbers can identify the need and deliver their services for that exceptional and functional bathroom. Plumbers first carry out survey and then design their services accordingly.

Engineers, architects and technicians decide what works best for your bathroom to make it outstanding. They also consider tiling arrangements, ceiling, faucets or where to position each individual plumbing item of your bathroom facility. They help in selecting what type of lighting will work, fixture installation, what type of flooring to use, whether or not tubs will be suitable, boiler system is necessary or not, etc. Experienced plumbers will also make sure that your bathroom is fitted to the highest standard within your budget. They also offer complete remodeling of drain systems, water pipes and sewer lines for comprehensive bath remodeling.

Qualified and expert plumbers can undertake all types of bathroom remodeling services, including:

1. New bathrooms designs

2. All brands of kitchen and bath fixtures

3. Individual component repair (bath, toilet, basin, shower etc.)

4. Component replacement

5. Tubs & shower installations

6. Installation of specialized plumbing fixtures for handicap accessibility

7. Massage baths

8. Complete understanding of building codes

9. Faucets and fixtures

Plumbers and remodeling experts understand that deciding on a new bathroom or complete remodeling is an eminent process for the homeowners, whether it is for their enjoyment and pleasure or to enhance the property worth of their homes. They guide customers through those initial steps, so they can benefit from the professional perspective and experience from the early bath remodeling design stages through to the final completion of the project. They offer high-quality work at a competitive cost to the customer with absolute guarantee. They are always happy to discuss different types of bathroom options available in the market, and can provide vital tips and guidance based on their years of experience in the field.…

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Bathroom Refinishing: Improve Your Bathroom at the Most Convenient Cost

Bathroom Refinishing: Improve Your Bathroom at the Most Convenient Cost

Bathroom refinishing should be your best choice when it comes to your purposes of adding to the feel of your bathroom, aside from thinking of going for a full bathroom remodeling.

Bath refinishing gives you can edge at cutting down on the cost of giving your bathroom an aura lift while attaining your most desired results.

The main thing about improving the look of your bathroom is that, there are yet so many underlying musts like plumbing and electrical wiring, which you should do for before you can move on to the superficial features and furnishings. So it will be wise to think of your choices and your options before calling a renovation team to take over your bathroom and do their job.

In case you are not all conditioned to spend your money on a major bathroom renovation, or if you figure that your bathroom’s utmost most need would only be for surface improvement, the methods of bath reglazing, bath resurfacing and bathroom refinishing will suffice.

Even when you are thinking of getting the tiles done, tile reglazing at a cost-wise reglazing fee, will surely add up to the enhanced aura of your bathroom.

Bathroom refinishing is a present trend to home improvement. Basically, it can be said to be an option of bathroom remodeling.

While bathroom remodeling can involve minor replacements of bathroom furnishings, or can even mean the removal and replacement of structures such as divider walls, cabinets, racks, etc.; bathroom refinishing means having everything kept in place but refinished or re-done at surface level to give that brand new look, or just to give it a new look by changing colors, for instance.

One good example would be the bathtub. Your idea of doing away with the wait and the mess can significantly be minimized if you’d rather have it stay in place while a tub reglazing, or tub resurfacing, or even a bathtub refinishing job is done.

It will end up looking sleek, clean and new after any of the mentioned is done.

As bathroom refinishing goes only to change and enhance the look and neatness of installed furnishings and fixtures, such as the toilet, the tub, the lavatory, the towel racks, etc., it takes lesser time for the process to show the results. Even so, it can cost you much lesser than going for the more complicated options.

The task is a relatively easy. You even have the choice of doing it yourself instead of hiring a refinishing expert to get things done. This will mean you zero charge on manpower, but requires your utmost attention and dedication as the results of your bathroom’s look lies in your very hands.

Individuals who are not the handy-man type, can actually get the bathroom refinishing going but it requires an immense focus and mindfulness, especially that there are refinishing kits which contain all the needed stuffs and a follow-through manual can easily be found for purchase.…

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So You Are Looking To Remodel Your Bathroom

So You Are Looking To Remodel Your Bathroom

Bathrooms can be a pain. Especially when you have a small bathroom, it is hard to come up with good bathroom design ideas. Small bathroom designs are tricky, because there is not a lot of space to work with. Making it happen is nothing compared to coming up with design ideas.

So you’re looking to remodel your bathroom.

You want your little bathroom to become a safe-haven, do you not? The problem is: how are you going to turn such a tiny space into the porcelain heaven you envision?

First of all, go sit in your bathroom. You may be thinking, ‘I do that enough, thanks’, but seriously, just camp out for a bit, and start to feel the space. This is the first step in coming up with new ideas.

Next, try your hand at drawing the space on a sheet of graphing paper. Make sure to take the measurements of the room, and draw it to scale. Map out everything that’s glued or nailed down.

Once you have your current bathroom laid out in front of you, it’s time to start shuffling things around and thinking about your dream porcelain heaven. Draw the basic plan of your bathroom, as it is now, several times. Only include the walls, and the things you don’t want to change this time. In each of these drawings, try mapping out things the way you want them.

Once you have the ideal shape of the counter you want, cut it out. Do the same with the shower, toilet, etc. With these cut-out pieces, arrange them on one of your bathroom outlines. Get creative.

This may be the trickiest part of your project.

I just finished my bathroom remodeling. It was a small one, like many of yours. I wanted it to have a warmer feeling, and I wanted a shower cubicle so we didn’t have to shower in the bath. My decision was born when I dropped something into the bath and broke it. It wasn’t an easy task. I dreaded the idea as soon as I had it.

Here are some ideas to create more space in a small bathroom.

If there is a radiator taking up space on the wall, move it closer to the ceiling so that you can use all of the wall space your bathroom has to offer. It could end up being enough space for a toilet or sink.

Consider putting the bathtub in the center of the bathroom. This is great way to do away with the issues of uneven walls or piping. It obviously won’t work all of the time, but it may just work for you.

Switch around the floor plan of your bathroom. Use the paper you cut out for this. It is incredible how many ideas this will help you find.

Consider changing the shape of your shower cubicle. Using a cubicle with rounded edges instead of a traditional square shape, you could save some space. This may cost you a little more money, but if you have to be frugal on space, you may not have the option to be frugal with your cash.

Switch to a sliding door. Sliding doors don’t need space to open, and therefore won’t get in the way of placing things close to it.

Wall mirrors are a great way to expand the space. Even if that space is only illusion.

Use storage cupboards. Storing things up high will keep the floor from becoming cluttered.

Now you can see that a small bathroom really can become the safe-haven you dream of.…

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Essentials of Bathroom Remodeling

Essentials of Bathroom Remodeling

The essentials of bathroom remodeling depend on the type of work that will be done in the refashioning process. Remodeling work in the bathroom may involve simple beautification changes and can even go to an extent of the total overhaul of the bathroom. Since the bathroom is one of the areas in the house where most homeowners want to remain sparkling clean, whether the work involves a large or small remodeling job, there are some considerations that one must take into account before the work begins. Taking one’s needs into consideration helps get the desired results. The bathroom is regarded as a place of relaxation and comfort. Therefore, concerned individuals would like it to be clean and tidy. This is achieved by regular cleaning and sanitation of the bathroom as well as a chance to do some bathroom remodeling and redesigning according to preferred tastes and required standards, every now and then.

Some of the considerations that need to be addressed before your contractor embarks on any bathroom remodeling work so as to avoid any frustrations later include:

– Make it clear to the contractor the kind of bathroom remodeling materials you want them to use. Specify the things you need to be fixed, any size alterations you may need done and any other concerns. It will help if you have an agreement at the start.

– Have a detailed house plan from your home builders as this will specify the vital elements to be used. In addition it will give the contractor all the initial dimensions of the house, the electrical cable passages to avoid power cut-offs, plumbing and piping works to avoid damaging the water pipes and also it will give the general knowledge on the kind of materials to be used.

– It would be of importance to set aside a budget allocation for the work to avoid over expenditure. The amount you set aside should be enough for the materials and labor, as well as a cover that includes all other contingencies. Also it would save time if all the materials required are to be procured earlier before the commencement of the work.

– Make arrangements on an alternative bathroom to use while the current one is under remodeling, since it will require time before it is fully ready for use.

Once all these considerations have been met, it is now time to embark on the modifications using the specified essentials of bathroom remodeling. Some of these essentials in brief are:

– Together with the contractor, allocate a target time for the work. This will help you know if the work is on track and if not, if you will be able to make some adjustments.

– The bathroom is supplied with water pipes. These pipes need to be shut to avoid spilling water. In case the same pipes supply the whole house, a bypass will be needed to supply water to other rooms.

– As a homeowner, you have to decide the size and design of your bathroom. A recommended design is the one that does not use much of the house’s space, but is elegant and has a nice look.

– Flooring material like tiles or any other materials should be appropriate for bathrooms and should suit the design and taste of the bathroom owner. Floor heating should be taken into account and alternatives for like wooded or carpeted floor materials should be availed. Ensure that there is no potential for water to accumulate anywhere.

– Bathroom remodeling is a worthwhile method of drastically changing the look and feel of your bathroom. Most importantly, such a project made with careful, timed and budgeted preparations will ensure a renewed private space once the bathroom remodeling is done.…

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Easy Bathroom Remodeling Tips

Easy Bathroom Remodeling Tips

Remodeling your bathroom does not have to be rocket science. There are plenty of simple and inexpensive ways to transform your bathroom from a drab, utilitarian space into a stylish and comfortable room that will impress your guests. Remember that your bathroom is one of the most trafficked rooms in the house, so why not put as much attention into its decor as you would to the rest of your house?


There’s no reason to let the walls of your bathroom stay white. One of the easiest and most effective ways to give your bathroom a makeover is to add come color to the walls. Since most bathroom fixtures are white already, bright, light colors are perfect for bathroom walls. Blue and lime green, for example can be perfect. And remember to have fun. Experiment with simple line designs and color combinations.

Update the Cabinetry

Updating your bathroom cabinetry can be as simple as putting in a new bureau for towel or toiletry storage. Changing the facade of your existing cabinets can also be a great way to give your bathroom new life without having to tear down the existing cabinet structure. New drawer and door hardware (things like handles, knobs and hinges) will stand out and give you bathroom new vibrancy.

Add Tile to Your Walls

You don’t have to redo the entire walls, mind you. Adding a few decorative tile designs to your existing walls can be inexpensive and will make a big impact on the overall design of the room. Place the tile design on the main focus point of the walls, at eye level.


The key to good bathroom lighting is to provide appropriate illumination from above and from the sides. Changing your bathroom lights can spruce up its overall look. Try out different light shade colors and decorative light fixtures.…

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Turquoise and Brown – Two Inspiring Colors That Will Transform Your Bath

Turquoise and Brown – Two Inspiring Colors That Will Transform Your Bath

You may not think of turquoise and brown as colors you would use to decorate the bathroom, but you’d be surprised at the great looks you can achieve! While turquoise is often bold and bright, brown is a neutral color that balances and soothes. From modern to jazzy or classic, you can create many looks using shades of these two contrasting colors.

By the way, we’re not talking boring brown here; shades of sand, peachy brown and chocolate work to make your bath its most beautiful ever!

Start with the floor

By starting with the floor, you can create the basis of your decorating. Linoleum or ceramic tile can be found with an interesting mix of turquoise and brown shades from light to dark. Once installed, you can build the room around the shades in the floor. Even if your tile or linoleum is light, you can add deeper shades in the room for depth and contrast.

Have a large bath? Start with chocolate brown

If you have a large bathroom, you can afford to use darker colors for the walls. Consider a chocolate brown, which adds a rich, soothing atmosphere to the room. Porcelain sinks and chrome fixtures along with bright turquoise accessories add punch and pizazz.

A shower curtain with bright punches of turquoise in a modern design brightens up the room. Add wall art and a free-standing cabinet painted in turquoise, and you have a room that is bold, modern and yet relaxing.

Think of the beach

When you go to the beach, think of how the colors play off of each other. Turquoise water, sand, stones and other elements of nature play together to create surroundings that are soothing and spa-like. Use the colors of the beach in your decor if you want a lighter, calmer look. Shades of sand, peachy-brown and turquoise make for a room that brings the beach to mind.

Add accents of wicker, a glass vase filled with twigs, artwork depicting the beach for the walls, and plenty of plush towels in sand and turquoise patterns, and you have a refreshing retreat!

Want more drama?

If you want to liven things up a bit to make your bath sparkle with drama, consider bringing shades of coral or red to the mix. While brown can be the dominating color for walls and floors, a mix of coral and turquoise really makes the room come to life. Consider sparse splashes of red or coral in floral arrangements, candles and artwork, while keeping turquoise as the main color for bath rugs, towels and the shower curtain. The addition of some red brings in warmth and spark and makes the room dazzle!

It may be hard for you to imagine how a bathroom would look using these colors, but it is absolutely beautiful – especially for those who enjoy a more modern, chic look. Browse through magazines and search online for photos of bathrooms decorated using these colors, and you will see that the look is extremely vibrant and appealing.…

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Bathroom Vanities – Finding The One That Fits Best In Your Space

Bathroom Vanities – Finding The One That Fits Best In Your Space

Has the time come to finally get rid of your old bathroom vanity and replace it with something new and modern? I’m sure you have ideas of what you would like, but before you purchase anything you should weigh all your options. A new vanity is a great way to improve the look of an already great looking design.

There are many durable and equally lovely designed vanities that you can choose from. You may even want to consider going with a custom made one with so many vendors and manufactures willing to build them for you. This is great because now you don’t need to worry about finding the exact fit when you need something that is not completely square.

You can also request extra storage space to be built into it which is great because you can never get to much storage in a bathroom. It is also great for those that need a small unit that is not usually available to us.

The internet has opened up a lot for us with the added advantage of being able to scour thousands of different designs in a matter of a few minutes without leaving the comfort of your home. This does bring its own problems; because of the many choices we have it may be hard to decide which would be the best. Knowing the design layout of your room is a real help when deciding what you really want to have in your bathroom.

Whether you want a traditional style or something more modern you can narrow your search by looking for styles that fit. Color and texture is also something you need to consider. Do you want a stain or is the wood going to be painted?

The next thing you’ll have to look into is your counter top. Here you have a choice of a number of materials. Do you want a natural stone or something that is a little less costly like a fuax marble, or laminate? You could even use a stone tile if you like the look of stone but don’t have the funds to cover it. Don’t forget about your faucets, they can become quite costly so you should spend some time researching what you like and what you can afford.

The right lighting plays a big role in the look of your bathroom so don’t skimp on it or all your hard work of finding the right vanity will have gone to waste.…

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Bathroom Remodeling Essentials

Bathroom Remodeling Essentials

Remodeling a bathroom has been ranked as one of the top ROI home improvement projects today. Because it is one of the most essential rooms that serve the most intimate purposes, any changes and modifications to it will definitely be noticeable. A bath remodeling project is not only an efficient way of increasing your home’s value but it also improves and maximizes functionality, style, and comfort in the area as well.

Remodeling a small or big bathroom can be a tedious and hectic experience even for the most organized individuals. There are many things that you need to consider including the colors to use, styles for bathroom appliances, design plan, and which fixtures to choose. Find the right mix of renovation planning, products and patience will keep you cool, calm and collected as you begin to build the bathroom of your dreams.

Remodeling Plans

Bathroom renovation projects can range from a few thousand dollars to over $40,000 for a complete overhaul. Make sure you have a realistic picture of the things you want to accomplish and what every component will cost before you even start your remodeling activities. Next, find out whether you have the knowledge and skill requirement for the tasks at hand. Installing new floors, laying tiles, soldering pipes and hanging drywalls need experience and in a few cases, a license. If you think you won’t fit for the job, don’t fret. There are easy DIY decorative projects like changing plumbing fixture and painting that you can assign to yourself. These simple tasks will give your bath a fresh facelift with just minimal budget and limited time.

If you have decided to go with a bathroom remodeling contractor, make sure you check the references and properly establish a timeline of activities before even getting started. In addition to that, don’t forget to discuss with him overages and other fees that will be addressed during and after the construction. A common cause of stress in any remodeling project is ending up with a bill that has additional costs. Plan a regular weekly meeting with your contractor to assess the project’s progress and if additional costs and items need to be added.

Remodeling Products

As soon as the major remodeling tasks are done, choose additional d?�cor items that can help turn your bath into your very own personal haven. Select the focal point for your room. It can be a custom sink, a treasured photo or a beautiful mirror that will become the centerpiece. Even faucets can become a dramatic focal point that will get you an added luxurious appeal for the room. Transform your shower into a ‘spa like’ escape. Pamper your household with indulgent extra bathroom features. Add a towel warming drawer to your cabinet. Consider getting a blanket warming rack that will heat your blankets at night time and keep the towels dry during the showers.


As you finish your bathroom remodeling project, always remember that even the best laid plans can sometimes go awry. Stay patient during the process. Keep lines of communication open between you and the people are working with. Sooner or later, you will find yourself enjoying the comfort of a luxurious bath.…