3 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself When Choosing Your Remodeling Contractor

3 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself When Choosing Your Remodeling Contractor

You have finally decided it is time to remodel a room in your home. You have looked at all the samples, picked out what you want. You have asked friends and family if they can recommend a “good” contractor, you have researched them on the web, and now you have three estimates in hand. Contractor A’s estimate is for $10,000. Contractor B’s estimate is $10, 250. Contractor C’s is $7,000. Which one do you choose? If you said Contractor C you could be making one of the biggest mistakes we see home owners make when choosing a contractor.

Choosing a contractor isn’t just about the price. Here are the 3 questions you need to ask yourself before making your decision.

“Do I have a rapport with this contractor? Do I feel you can talk to them easily? Do I feel comfortable around them? How well does the contractor listen to me?” This contractor could be in your home for weeks, so hiring one you have no rapport with can make this process much more disruptive than it has to be.

“How do the contractor’s previous customers feel about him/her?” Ask for references and then call them. Were there any issues and how did the contractor resolve them? Did the contractor show up as promised? How accurate was the contractor’s estimate? Would they use that contractor again?

“Does the contractor have the experience to do the job I am hiring him/her for?” If you wanted your bathroom remodeled, would you hire the roofer your neighbor recommended? Sadly, we know of a situation where this happened. Six months and thousands of dollars later, the bathroom was still unusable and the home owners were forced to go to court to recoup some of their money.

The question now is why is Contractor C’s estimate so much lower than the others? In our experience most contractors’ estimates are fairly close in price. So a huge difference could signal any number of unfavorable issues, such as: unlicensed contractor, inferior materials or the estimate doesn’t adequately cover what you actually want. In those instances the your project may end up costing thousands more than originally quoted. We often are the ones who have to clean up these situations for distraught home owners.

When you find a contractor whom you do want to work with and the price is still an issue, talk to the contractor. He or she is a professional who will be able to help craft the your project to work within your budget. You will end up with a room you love and a remodeling experience worth telling your friends about.