Bathroom Designs – Some Great Ideas

Bathroom Designs – Some Great Ideas

The humble bathroom can be a household’s private retreat space. Not just a place to toilet and groom yourself anymore. This room can be a place for privacy and rejuvenation. If yours looks like the locked room at the local gas station, time to amp up its style and you can do this even on a very modest budget.

If you have your average household bathroom, but want to turn it into a peaceful oasis without draining your bank account, here are a few tips for converting it into a place you’ll long to hang out:

Paint it an appealing and peaceful color. Pale and subtle colors such as a muted sage, vanilla cream, buttery yellow or a pastel sky blue can be the perfect backdrop for a serene environment. Be sure to select paint with an eggshell or semi-gloss sheen that is especially made for a bathroom in order to have the paint be sturdy enough to withstand daily bouts of hot water in this steamy room.

Replace the dented aluminum ho-hum towel racks and toilet paper holder with matching bronze, copper or stainless steel accessories. Having a light fixture that aligns with the upgraded hardware will harmonize the look.

Replacing countertops with stone or tile can add a huge amount of oomph for little cash outlay. Painting or re-staining the existing cabinetry can upgrade the appearance as well.

Spend a bit of extra money to get the thickest and most luxurious towels that you can find. Nothing says pampering like soft and high quality towels.

Candles around the bathtub create a lush and romantic ambience for very little money. Scented candles in your favorite aroma can add another level of sensory delight.

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Replacing the toilet seat with a brand new, knick-free model can make your throne look ready for a queen or king.

Tile isn’t just for countertops anymore. You can get wonderful ornamental tile varieties at your local home building supply store. Tiling from floor to chair-rail height or even just a row of tile as a border will add a unique and striking design element to your bathroom.

Look over some design and decorating magazines in order to become inspired by the photo spreads of color schemes and motifs. Cut out examples of the looks that you like, keep them in a folder and then begin to stroll the aisles of your local shops. After exploring tile, hardware accessories, paint colors and bath linens, you’ll begin to have a stash of ideas that could work for your home. Gather the ones that are harmonious and get started on creating your own personal spa-like oasis.