Bathroom Remodeling Can Be As Simple As a Basic Change Out With Dramatic Results

Bathroom Remodeling Can Be As Simple As a Basic Change Out With Dramatic Results

You can accomplish dramatic results on a bathroom remodeling project doing a basic change out. A bathroom change out is where some or all the fixtures are replaced in the same location as the original equipment. Along with changing the fixtures you add other elements to tie it all together into a major new look.

Anytime a remodeling project involves moving utilities or changing the floor plan the cost goes up significantly. If your are working on a tight budget a change out might be the way to go. If your budget is very tight you may not be able to change all the fixtures. That’s the simplicity of a change out. You can match your budget to how far you want to go. Sometimes you might have to be a little more creative to get the look you want.

Dramatic results are achieved by incorporating the decor and finishes along with the fixture change out. Design it around a theme, add some color, wallpaper, new window treatments and maybe new floor covering and you could easily make it pass for a major remodeling job. The best place to start with a project like this is your budget. Decide what you have to work with. Then the fun can begin shopping and choosing all the elements for that dramatic new look.

Get your ideas from magazines and spend some time at one of the big box home centers. Be sure to pickup a designers color grouping from the paint department. A designers color group will show you the colors that belong together in the design elements. If you are not familiar with using a designers color chart speak the paint department attendant. They will be glad to assist you in ways to use the designers color selector chart for your project.

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Start with a list of elements that you would would like to incorporate into the project. While your browsing through the home center gather price ranges for each item you plan to use. Start to fine tune the costs to meet your budget. Your selections don’t have to be expensive to produce a great result. You can do a lot with decor and color.

Half the satisfaction of a project like this is planning the design and shopping for the products to use. Remodeling a bathroom doesn’t have to be expensive if you approach it with the suggestions provided. Whether you are on a tight budget or not a basic change out can produce a result you can be very pleased with.