Bathroom Remodeling – How Much Room is Considered Enough?

Bathroom Remodeling – How Much Room is Considered Enough?

When you are considering remodeling your bathroom, proper planning is mandatory because it is very tedious and expensive to rectify any error whatsoever. Especially, in case you don’t have enough space, bathroom remodeling becomes a challenge. And we all know that most of the furnishings in your bathroom are usually large, so you need to utilize the space efficiently.

The first step is to ascertain how much room is available. You can create a map of your bathroom which can give you a rough idea of what you can do with your bathroom. Next, you can make some necessary changes accordingly.

The bath being the biggest unit in the bathroom eats up a lot of area. But you can have short baths too which give you sufficient space. Although one cannot stretch out in a short bath like a full one, it is still possible to wash in comfort and fulfill the purpose which is to take a bath. Furthermore, a lot of water is saved which is a blessing in disguise.

You can even think of combining the shower and the bath as having both of them separate is not compulsory. So having your shower over your bath not only offers more options but also saves a lot of space. But you must install a shower blind or drapery so that the adjoining floor does not get wet. And you can pull away the shower blind once you are done taking your shower. This can make your shower feel big and spacious without having to compromise on anything.

Sinks are usually placed in corners of the bathroom where they fit well and look elegant too. You can even think of vanity sinks which have storage space below which can be used for keeping towels, toilet paper, and other toiletries.

If you really want to make smart use of the limited room in your bathroom you should consider making use of storage that is not visible directly. Have the towel racks installed on the back of the bathroom door so you don’t need separate ones taking up more space. Use toilet tanks which have discreet repositories for toilet products like tissues and other female lavatory commodities.

Having a large mirror in your bathroom with an in-built closet is a very effective way of deceiving your mind to think that there is a lot of space in your bathroom. The reason for this is very simple as a large mirror reflects light and makes you feel that the room is spacious and bright. Moreover, the closet area behind can be used to keep toothpaste, mouthwash, common medicine, etc. away from common view.

Having sliding doors in your bathroom not only saves space but also adds a touch of class and panache to your bathing area. Especially for small bathrooms, if you have a door that opens inwards or outwards it takes up the adjacent space as well. So having doors that can slide or fold is an excellent solution to this problem. So no matter what your budget is and how much room you have, you can still remodel your bathroom with an interesting and efficient design.