Bathroom Remodeling – How to Get More Space Out of Your Bathroom

Bathroom Remodeling – How to Get More Space Out of Your Bathroom

After a full-day in this modern world of hustle and bustle, more and more people are finding bathrooms to be the best place to relax, de-stress, and even luxuriate. This is among the main reasons why the number of homeowners who decide to undertake a bathroom remodeling project continues to increase. Other than enhancing the quality of living, this type of home improvement helps sell a home faster in the future and can be a good investment.

Unless you live in a custom-built home, a common challenge with such renovation is space, especially for those living in big cities like New York. This article discusses how to get more space out of bathrooms without needing to add square footage.

Showers and Tubs

Deciding to have a shower or a tub is a big decision when bathroom remodeling. Depending on preferences, it can either be of the two or both with the one piece tub shower units now available in the market. But if you choose to have just the tub, it would be best to shop for a one that is smaller in size but deeper. A shower on the other hand is the best choice if your aim is to save space, taking up only half of the space that a tub occupies. To create an airy look to the shower stall, you can choose to take down the partial shower wall and go for sliding glass doors instead of the usual hinged doors that take up much space when opened.

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Maximize Light

Lighting is an essential element that should be maximized when working on small bathrooms. The more light you integrate into the bathroom remodeling; the more spacious the room will look. When planning on this the renovation does not have involve big changes. But if you can afford it, widening or adding windows would be a great step. If not, then you can achieve more lighting without spending too much by using design materials such as glass, mirrors, and other reflective surfaces. Neutrals and light colors also help diffuse light.

Tidy Up

Cleaning up alone can bring considerable change when it comes to freeing more space in small is bathrooms. While at it, try to evaluate what you have in the area that is unnecessarily taking too much space. If your old, bulky radiator is, then it may be better to move it high up on the wall or better yet replace it with a more efficient and more compact designed unit. Other items to be on the look out for include free standing mirrors, towel basket, large-sized cupboards and trash bins.


To promote and maintain organization in small bathrooms which is crucial to avoid clutter that makes the area look all the more crowded, invest in the right set of bathroom cabinets. Free up floor space by installing wall mounted cabinets. When chopping for cabinetry and vanities, choose narrow profiles that use up only a small amount of room. And to make use of every inch of storage, it would be wise to integrate cabinet upgrades and accessories such as roll-out trays, drawer organizers, roll-out bins, etc.

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