Bathroom Remodeling in Solano County

Bathroom Remodeling in Solano County

After the excitement of the bathroom remodeling in Solano County decision ends, you find yourself in the position of looking for a reliable contractor. You have to choose carefully the team you want to do the remodeling job. But before they start knocking down the walls, you need a permit or an authorization for any construction alteration you want to proceed with.

Getting the Permit

I have heard a couple of home owners complaining about the idea of getting a permit and giving up their bathroom remodeling idea just because they need to handle with some paperwork. First of all, not all bathroom remodeling in Solano County projects need permits. Minor jobs like changing tiles, replacing sinks, painting, replacing the window with a similar model and size do not need permits. In case you change the structure of the bathroom, do plumbing or electrical work, you will surely need a permit from the Solano Building and Service Services – Permits Department. Anyway, when you hire an experienced contractor their representative can tell you if your bathroom remodeling project needs a permit.

Contractors are also happy to give a hand in getting the permits and start working as soon as possible. If you don’t have time, it is a very good idea to let your contractor do all the paperwork. In this case you will need to fill a form stating that you allow another person, company or agency to handle it for you. It’s that easy!

Works You Need to Get a Permit For

According to the California Building Code, you will need to get a permit for one of these bathroom remodeling works:

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• Any type of plumbing work

• Any type of electrical work

• Any type of gas system work

• Wall demolition or alteration

• Adding a new bathroom by transforming another room into a bathroom or by enlarging the house

• Replacing old windows with new ones with different size and shape

• Water heater replacement

Permits are issued to protect building’s infrastructure and to prevent causing damages in the future. Permits are not only necessary for your safety and your neighbors, but they are also a proof for a job well done.

If you contact a contractor in Solano County that wants to do the job without getting a permit, avoid this company by all means. You will not be able to sell the house if you do unauthorized works. And this means that your bathroom remodeling project in Solano County cannot be considered an investment in return.