Bathroom Remodeling Tips – Should You Install Bathtubs Or Showers?

Bathroom Remodeling Tips – Should You Install Bathtubs Or Showers?

Bathroom is one of the most important parts of a home. That is why remodeling it would be a good idea. It may be a sizeable investment. However, it can certainly add to the value of your home. If you remodel it to make it bigger and to add some up-to-date fixtures, you can expect that your future buyers would perceive a high value for your home.

In remodeling a bathroom, homeowners may be faced with a dilemma whether to install a new tub or shower. Why is it a problem? This is because both fixtures looks good in every bathroom. However, the cost of installation varies as well as the level of difficulty in installing.

To make a sound decision on what to use, it is better to take note of the considerations in installation. Below are some of them.

Bathtub Considerations

Anyone who owns a bathtub at home is lucky enough to experience a more stress-relieving bathing. But as much as it can give homeowners a more pleasurable bath, the installation process is quite complex. There are several things to consider: size, weight, the heating and plumbing system.

In newly constructed homes, bathtub is installed first before the enclosures. Since bathtubs are usually big, you have to make sure it fits the walls of your bathroom or even between the doors. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the area of your bathroom can accommodate a tub. Otherwise, you may have to expand or find a sectional tub to install.

Your bathroom floors should also have the capacity to support its weight, especially when it is filled with water. In addition, the bigger tub you install would lead you to tap on your heating and plumbing systems and upgrade them. This way, you can enjoy bathing with the desired warmth and you would have faster filling time.

The cost of installation for bathtubs can be expensive, as this necessarily requires expansion and re-tiling. Upon use, it is expected your utilities expense would rise (as more water and heat will be utilized).

Shower Considerations

As to showers, it is not much of a problem in terms of installation. There is not much of a problem since existing plumbing and heating systems can work well with the new system. You do not also have to breakdown the whole place just to install it or even worry about floor support and tile removal. The only challenge you will have in its installation is to know what shower heads to install. There two common types: hand held and the typical showerhead.

Another challenge is to make sure it has the right pressure and to determine what kind of mixers (thermostat or manual). This allows homeowners to get the perfect hotness of water every time they bathe.

While some people have to decide between bathtub and shower installation, others would end up installing both at the same time. This way they can enjoy the best of both fixtures.

Between the two options, bathtubs are more expensive than shower installations. Therefore, should you pick between the two, you have to be prepared with the cost involved.