Bathroom Remodeling – Wheelchair Accessible

Bathroom Remodeling – Wheelchair Accessible

Being confined to a wheelchair doesn’t mean the end of the world. While it may alter the way in which you interact, there are ways to adapt in order to ensure your daily tasks are easily accomplished. When it comes to bathroom access in the home, some layouts can prove rather tough to navigate. With smaller doors, a cluttered interior, and generally unwelcoming features, the bathroom can pose quite a few issues to those who are wheelchair bound. In this article, we will outline a few ideas to incorporate within a bathroom remodeling project to make life just a little less stressful.

Step 1 – To start, you will want to replace your door with one that meets the specifications outlined in the Americans With Disabilities Act. The space a wheelchair requires to enter a doorway is generally 36 inches wide. Additionally, you will want to install the door in a way so that it swings outward.

Step 2 – The bathroom should have a minimum of 60 inches of space in the center area to afford the occupant maneuverability. A structure remodel may be required in order to move the wall to the appropriate position. Get in touch with a home builder in order to determine the more efficient means of enlarging the area during the process.

Step 3 – A roll-through shower should be installed which provides the occupant the ability to move to a shower chair. These showers are found through plumbing supply stores. Another option includes building a custom shower, built to the specifications required.

Step 4 – For bathroom remodeling, the toilet height should be raise for easy access from the wheelchair. Bars must be installed on the sides of the toilet to enable swift and easy transfer with the arms. Otherwise, a lift can be installed beside the toilet, provided enough room is available.

Step 5 – Sinks should be mounted in a way in which they are easily accessible to wheelchair occupants. Mirrors should also be adjusted accordingly. Under sink storage space should be made accessible as well.

Be sure to find yourself a reputable professional to help with the bathroom remodeling process. Due to the extent of the conversion, the job may prove too much for the novice DIY handyman. Evaluate various contractors in your area and check for pricing, and various services. Finding someone who is experienced enough to complete the entire project can work to save you time and money, and is worth the effort to find.