Bathtub Fixtures and the Various Types of Tubs

Bathtub Fixtures and the Various Types of Tubs

When it comes to getting away from it all in the privacy of your home, nothing beats leisurely time spent in the warm comfort of your bathtub. Once luxury items constructed of cast iron, and found only in the homes of the wealthy and in hotels, bathtubs are now extremely common and found in a majority of homes.

The style of tubs has evolved, from free standing claw foot tubs made of enamel-coated steel, to built in tubs and sunken tubs, to tubs made in custom shapes (thanks to the many innovations in bathtub construction materials now available – including acrylic and fiberglass). Each type of bathtub has specific faucet needs. As an integral part of the bathroom, and require the finest plumbing fixtures possible. Let’s look at some of the faucets available today.

Free Standing Tubs: Perfectly Simple

In the old days, buckets of warm water were brought in to fill the freestanding tub, often known as a claw foot tub. Thankfully, modern plumbing has made such chores unnecessary, though designers can still outfit their bathroom designs with the graceful and simple style of the free standing tub while taking advantage of all the amenities that modern plumbing has to offer. In some cases, a free standing tub features a hole where the plumbing fixture can be set. In other cases, the free-standing tub is configured with only a drain hole, and no fittings or holes drilled for tub fixtures.

In this latter case, a wall mount tub faucet is appropriate, and can be fitted either along the center of the horizontal side of the tub, or at the head of the tub where it abuts a wall. Similarly, free standing tubs may have holes drilled, to be fitted with the appropriate tub faucet models. Retro trends in bathroom design are as popular as ever, with classic and country bathrooms virtually crying out for an authentic or replica claw foot bathtub of cast iron, finished in enamel. A vintage style wall mount tub faucet with a nickel finish is the perfect compliment for such a tub.

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The Beauty Of Built-Ins

A Roman bathtub faucet set is particularly appropriate with a sunken or built in bathtub involving a tile foundation, or where the tub is otherwise built into the foundation of the bathroom. Tub fixtures of this type feature glamorous finishes ranging in style from stainless steel to brass, to those accented with Swarovski Crystal handles. From Colonial to Modern, there is a wide variety of Roman Bathtub faucet sets available, including those with a hand shower set to facilitate many of the tasks that ordinary bathtub fixtures can’t handle, such as rinsing of the hair.

Many of the built in tub models are fitted exactly within the confines of a bathroom – that is, three edges abut walls and are sealed accordingly with caulk. In this case, only one side of the tub is exposed to the bathroom. Often, tubs of this kind do double duty as a shower basin, and there for a wall mounted shower fixture with a tub spout below is called for. This is also called a tub and shower set. In the absence of any shower, built in tubs may have a flat area at the head, pre-drilled for faucets. In this case, a Roman bathtub set may be appropriate.

Four of the leading brand names in Roman bathtub faucets are Giagni, Kraus, Fontaine, and Schon, with great deals to be found on the visually stunning, functional works of art offered by these companies. Shop around for the best deals; reputable web retailers offer free shipping on many orders.