Choose the Ideal Shower Head for Your Bathroom Remodel

Choose the Ideal Shower Head for Your Bathroom Remodel

There was a time shower heads were ordinary utilitarian things that altered only slightly in their position. Today, they come in all shapes, sizes, and positions. They are basic, universally designed, luxury, green, or anything else you can imagine.

 Here are some recent trends in shower heads that consumers are installing in their remodeled bathrooms:

 1. Luxury Heads: The ultimate in luxury showers is multiple jets installed in the ceiling. Imagine up to 55 individual water jets, each of which point specifically where you want it to spray.

 2. Digital Showering: Built to work with multiple heads, digital showering means a built-in computer synchronizes light, sound, and water. The computer can even remember settings for each family member. You can step into the shower and the water temperature, shower height, and water pattern matches your pre-defined ideal setting.

 3. Low-flow: Such shower heads save on both water (up to 4 gallons a minute) and energy (you spend less money to heat water). You can also attach an air shower device and cut water use by 30 percent. The device adds extra air to each water drop, making it feel as big and strong as a typical drop but uses much less water.

 4. Rain-style: These are very popular, especially overhead versions that actually simulate the gentle fall of rain. Larger shower stalls can even accommodate two such shower heads for two-person bathing.

 5. Handheld: Handheld  heads make it easier to direct the flow of water where you want it. However, some people would rather have their hands free, so some models attach to a vertical bar so the head can slide up and down. This is a particularly good feature for children or the disabled.

 6. Multiple Heads: Some shower mechanisms attach to the wall and have multiple heads that you adjust.