Contemporary Bathrooms Can Add Value to a Home

Contemporary Bathrooms Can Add Value to a Home

More and more people when searching for a new home are leaning towards a more modern design. An open floor plan along with modern appliances and furniture is becoming more popular by the day. One of the most overlooked rooms in a home is the bathroom when it comes to modernization but by looking at some contemporary bathrooms online, you can see why this would be a desirable point for the new home buyer.

There are many websites available, showing full color pictures of contemporary bathrooms and some of the ideas behind them. These may be used to get your own ideas for remodeling the existing ones in your home. There are many unique features to each of them and by exploring some of the possibilities you may find your dream bathroom.

Many contemporary bathrooms have taken everything off the floor and mounted it on the walls. The days of the floor model vanity and commode are being replaced by the addition of wall hung sinks and countertops along with cabinets and lavatories. This gives the room a much more open appearance and lets the floor space be uninhibited by clutter.

The square lines of cabinets and counters are slowly being replaced with curves and gentle angles giving a much more modern appearance to the room. Some have the addition of an island rather than the traditional wall mounted vanity and sink, opening the room even further by allowing access to the sink from more than just one side. The fixtures also have gone beyond the simple chrome look to brushed brass and stainless steel for an interesting effect.

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By going online and searching out this style of bathroom, you can see the many modern upgrades available and how they may fit in to your concept of the perfect bathroom. There are many websites dedicated to simply the design of these and all have links pointing towards suppliers of all of the items seen there. This make designing your own much easier than running from store to store looking for just the right addition.