Creating Space With Glass Shower Door

Creating Space With Glass Shower Door

If you are considering a small bathroom remodel, one of the areas you might want to concentrate on is the shower.

If you have a traditional bath shower set up that is making the whole room look a little cramped, ask yourself a simple question: do you really need that bath?

These days most people simply don’t have the time to take a long soak more than once or twice every couple of months, even if they would like to. To add a feeling of spaciousness to a small bathroom, have that bath ripped out and a new shower only installation created instead.

Now that the bath will be gone, so should that ratty old shower curtain as well. Glass shower enclosures are great for not only adding a new sense of elegance to any small bathroom but also for creating the illusion that the bathroom is far larger than it appears.

Combine those new glass shower doors with a ceramic tiled shower floor and wall then you will have a shower that looks truly spectacular and will transform your small bathroom even if you don’t choose to change too much else about the space.

Some homeowners worry that glass shower doors are simply not very safe, especially if children will be using the bathroom. That, however, is far from the case. Modern glass shower enclosures are made from tempered safety glass designed to break safely, even under the most intense pressure.

Adding a new shower instead of a bulky bath shower combination is just one way to spruce up a small bathroom, although there are many others. The key to any successful bathroom remodeling project is working with a good bathroom remodeling contractor who can help you take your vision for a better bathroom and put it into practice while helping you out with some new ideas if you get stuck.

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