First Steps In Bathroom Design

First Steps In Bathroom Design

The first thing to do when you want to plan out your new bathroom design is to establish exactly how you want to use this new bath. Is it a Master Bath, built for luxury and relaxation? Is it a small bathroom and you need to utilize limited space? Or maybe it is a high traffic bathroom located off a large family room or kitchen, and will see a large number of users at holidays and parties?

There are special considerations you have to make depending on the utility of the space. For high traffic bathrooms, make them sturdy, pretty, but pragmatic. Children’s bathrooms might need special childproofing to keep them safe. For your master bathroom, there is no such thing as overindulgence, so splurge on making it a personal spa.

Bathroom Design Lighting & Color

Proper bathroom lighting can be hard to balance properly because you cannot have the light too bright in such a small space, but little is more irritating in a bathroom design than not having enough light to see. Keep your lights utilitarian, but not too harsh, and take note of natural light sources. Of course, also keep in mind that those windows and other natural sources will need to special shutters or blinds to ensure comfort in the space.

Coming up with the right color for your new bathroom design is always a challenge. People tend to veer toward white walls, since white makes one think of a sterile environment, but often it’s a wasted opportunity (and light is harder to protect against the little handprints that inevitably flavor a small, confined, space that children will spend copious amounts of time in). A bathroom color option that often looks great against light hallway walls is to choose a bold, bright hue, and use a light trim. That way, when you leave the door open, it creates a beautiful contrast against the surroundings, and, for pragmatic reasons, will also further highlight occasions when the bathroom door is closed.

Another note on bathroom design coloration is your artwork. Pick colors that will set off whatever pictures, portraits, or artwork you choose to decorate the space with. The adjoining tip here is to pick art for your bathroom, because inevitably people will need something to look at while they sit for (occasionally) long periods of time.

Bathroom Design Hardware

When trying to plan out the hardware of your bathroom, choose styles that fit the purpose and also whatever design motif you have planned. A sleek modern bath might end up looking silly with an antique toilet.

Ultimately, the electric and the plumbing aspects of your bathroom design will require the eye of an experienced contractor that knows how to assess (and what works best in) your space.