Fitting a Toilet in a Small Space – Essential Information to Make the Most of Your Bathroom

Fitting a Toilet in a Small Space – Essential Information to Make the Most of Your Bathroom

Many people think that to have a luxurious, family friendly bathroom, you need a heap of space. This is not strictly true, and it is certainly possible to have a really function bathroom in a smaller room by incorporating some space saving bathroom furniture.

The trend by manufacturers towards creating products that can save space, or be used in small spaces, is really a sad indictment on the types of homes that have been built over recent years. The building companies seem to manage to cram more and more homes into smaller and smaller pockets of land, and people still buy them, through necessity rather than desire.

I’m all for living in energy efficient homes, and heating or cooling a smaller space makes sense, both environmentally and financially. But I have been into bathrooms that could have easily been a large cupboard in a precious life. Being 6 ft 2 in tall, I’ve had to sit sideways on a toilet so I could actually sit down and not drill my knees into the wall, some 18 inches away. They even fit some new homes with baths that an adult human can’t lay down in. Ludicrous!

But if you have the misfortune to live in a place like that, all is not lost. A small bathroom vanity, or even a corner one, a corner toilet, or a tankless toilet can all save you valuable space. These clever designs can make that ‘cupboard’ feel like a room again. Corner bathroom vanities are wonderful storage systems, well thought out, with a good amount of under unit storage for towels, cosmetics and rubber least, that’s where I keep mine.

Tankless and wall mount toilets work wonders for space saving and the corner toilet can work exceptionally well if you have a corner to spare. Check them out online, and make your bathroom feel big again.