How To Keep Your Home Safe? Hint: You Don’t Have To Buy Dog Food

Every 23 seconds there is a home that is being burglarized and the person nine times out of 10 is never caught. No one likes their home to be violated and want to feel like their home is safe. Thankfully, there are some tips on how you can make your home even safer than it is now by just combining a few different products.

Invest in home security services

It’s not easy to know how many intruders are scared off by a home security alarm system. Regardless, there are a variety of home security services that you can choose from and an alarm is better than not having any alarm at all.

Get window sensors

Window sensors are added to a window or door and will let you know when it opened or closed. This will protect any potential unwanted entrances which is a great step for securing your home from any possible threats. Sensors are able to be part of the security system and a home automation system. You can also have the sensor have a cause and effect action, which means that if you set it to turn on the bedroom light if the door opens after midnight, then it will send you a text if the door has opened.

Add security cameras

Security cameras are able to work on their own or with a security system. The presence of a security can sometimes deter intruders from doing anything further and just to retreat but if it doesn’t, you will at least have live footage to show to law enforcement when they arrive. Security cameras are also great for catching porch pirates in the act because many times they do not wear a mask and will be caught by the police.

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Install door brace and deadbolt

When in the locked position, a door brace will help to sustain a couple of hundred pounds of someone trying to break in. If someone thinks that they are going to kick down a braced door, then they are sadly mistaken.

A deadbolt is also a great investment that you should make on your door. A deadbolt is known for being a fire hazard, so you should only use it when you are asleep and need some extra protections.

Invest in smart doorbell

In this new day and age of technology of smart devices with security cameras. Smart doorbells will act as your eyes and ears and when someone rings the doorbell or is even near it, it will send you a notification and will show who is at your door and you confirm if it’s someone that you know. There are even some products that will allow for you to speak to the person at the door and scare away any possible threat that is at the door.

Create difficult passwords for your smart home

Many people have a smart home but it’s important that you have a high security so that no one can abuse the use of your home. You should make sure to choose fairly difficult passwords that the average person wouldn’t think of for your smart home devices. Having a high security wireless and password-protected devices will minimize the risk of a hacker hacking your home.

Have a password vault

It’s important that you have a different unique password for every app or website that you use and instead of trying to remember every single password, you should use a password vault. The password vault will keep up with your passwords for you and will even help you to generate strong and unique passwords.

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