Modern Bathroom Remodeling – Project Ideas for Beauty and Functionality

Modern Bathroom Remodeling – Project Ideas for Beauty and Functionality

To add a contemporary touch to the interior design and functionality of your personal haven, equipping homes with the essentials to make everyday living simply better, more and more homeowners are venturing into modern bathroom remodeling. Such projects are especially beneficial for those living the never-ending hustle and bustle of New York giving families the much needed pampering and distressing luxury right at the comforts of their own homes. The Internet alone could lend you a gazillion of project ideas that can easily overwhelm you. Here are top modern bathroom remodeling project ideas that will allow you to satisfy both functional and aesthetic requirements ideal whether you are in Long Island, Manhattan, Staten Island, Brooklyn, or Queens.

RTA Cabinets

It has been no wonder why RTA cabinets have become among the hottest home improvement items in the Internet as well as the entire market. This could be the most economical deal that affords your bathrooms added appeal, organization and efficiency without the bank-breaking cost. So if you are planning on a modern bathroom remodeling, consider RTA cabinets to add to your project.

You can easily find styles and finishes to complement with your contemporary d?�cor. Whatever your personal needs and the size of the room is, you can get the perfect fit with the many make and sizes that RTA cabinets now come in from free-standing, base, wall-mounted, corner, and other non-standard models. There are also organizational and stylish additional features that you can choose from.

New Lighting Fixtures

Simply changing your lighting fixtures can lend bathrooms a renewed and contemporary look and feel. Lighting replacement in modern bathroom remodeling can affect the result in more than one way. Aside from the ambiance, this can also lead to efficient use of energy and thus this can considerably add up to your monthly savings. Adding dimmer to your lighting allows you to easily control the mood of the area to suit whatever mood you are in. Another project idea to consider is a new lighting technology known as chromatherapy which displays an array of various colors that can help in soothing the day’s stresses.


Another window or a larger window can bring about a fabulous statement to your contemporary bathroom design. This will also allow more natural light into your bath preventing the unnecessary consumption of more energy when you could always avail of natural and free resources. One creative way to go about this in your modern bathroom remodeling is through the use of skylights. This window type will allow more sunlight in as well as serve as an accessory to take advantage of the beauty of the skies to serve as a rejuvenating backdrop to your shower or dip.

Integrating Technology

No modern bathroom remodeling project can ever be completed without the integration of new technologies. The amazing advancements in technologies have long since invaded home improvement and are continually creating more ways that allows homeowners and the rest of the family to enjoy entertainment even in places that would have seemed unlikely years back. This includes having appliances in bathrooms. Because of the improved designs, plasma TVs, media players, sound systems, and other such conveniences will not seem out of place and can even look stylish added to your modern bathroom remodeling project.