Popular Elements and Themes For Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

Popular Elements and Themes For Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

A bathroom is one of the most relaxing areas in a home where homeowners perform hygienic and beauty regiments on a day to day basis. The first instinctive action that a person does upon waking up in the morning is to head towards the bathroom, so it would be quite fitting to make the bathroom comfortable and relaxing more than any other room in the house. This is why most home renovation work usually starts in the bathroom while other sections of the house are remodeled afterward, or postponed for a later time. A bathroom remodeling project can be a very fruitful investment to make as part of your program to pamper yourself or your family members. 

According to custom-building experts, the designs and themes used in bathroom remodeling jobs have evolved from the ordinary looking white-tiled conceptions of the old days to sleek and modern designs that make it one of the most exciting home improvement projects to have. If you are planning of upgrading your home and starting off with a bathroom remodeling project, then the following elements and themes should be put into consideration if you want a new look for your bathroom that is both appealing and highly preferable for the modern homeowner. These suggestions combine both design and construction elements that could give you the best results from your renovation project. 

* A Look of Casual Elegance 

Most modern homes and homeowners prefer a simple yet elegant ambience to their homes and bathrooms. Such methods of designing and building a home or bathroom require contractors who are adept in building with special materials to create works with sleek surfaces and lines exuding casual elegance. Such designs could involve the use of marble countertops with matching elegant fixtures that complement the beauty and elegance of the stone. Another excellent choice to have for bathroom vanities is the use of a solid slab of granite rock built with the very popular “floating” design. The materials could be more expensive than using ordinary ceramic tiles, but the results that you can get for your bathroom remodeling project would be well worth the investment. 

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Other important considerations to take when having this project is to choose a contractor who is capable of making precision installation with a very minimal amount of grout in between tiles. The surfaces should be very smooth and matched with elegant mirrors and glass to complement the quality of the rock. As for the sinks, choose varieties with sleek designs that will match your vanity table although you should take into consideration if you will need extra cabinet space, which traditional counter sinks can provide but is not possible with pedestal-type of sinks. The walls and floors should match your countertops however, you should decide if you would leave out upper areas to be painted over or you prefer ceiling to floor 

* A Nautical Look for a Water-infused Space 

Some homeowners would prefer a modern, nautical look for their bathroom remodeling project, which is also one of the most sought after design a space inside the home that almost always involve the use of water. To have a nautical look and feel for your bathroom, use shiny and industrial-grade stainless steel mixed with various shades of cyan or blue. The stainless steel gives that elegant yet modern look for a nautically-inspired bathroom theme. This should be complemented with the use of fixtures made with a brushed chrome finish with a squared-edge design. 

* Non-traditional Looks 

If the homeowner is more adventurous and would be willing to try out new concepts and designs, he can have the bathroom rebuilt to a chic or modern style or it can be built to provide a nostalgic ambience to the bathroom. The fixtures would be more ornate, usually with a brass or a gold-shaded finish. Unlike the previous designs where lines are more defined, the lines here are curvy in nature with no-so-ordinary materials for the floors, walls and ceiling. 

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A bathroom remodeling project can be a very engaging yet enjoyable activity for a homeowner, particularly if he or she gets involved in the design and planning aspects right from the start. Still, it is very important to be well prepared in every aspect before starting with any building work.