Remodeling Ideas for Very Small Bathrooms

Remodeling Ideas for Very Small Bathrooms

Remodeling very small bathrooms could be challenging but the designs for such bathrooms are not impossible to attain. With creative designing, careful planning and detailed attention to remodeling can assure that your small bathroom would become functional in comfort and becomes larger than before. If your budget allows, you can install luxurious items as well in order to brighten up the bathroom space. People need to understand that the purpose of bathroom is not only its use but also to complement the overall home design. This article tends to provide the guideline for making your very small bathroom functional, calm and luxurious.

Maximizing space is the first task when it comes to remodeling small bathroom. Replace bath tub with shower and install wall hung toilet and sink. Do not install any floor standing cabinet like vanity and instead use glass shelves and wall mounted recessed cabinets. Use the medicine cabinet with large mirror and hang it on wall. This would work in two ways by providing storage for medicines and a mirror too.

Create an open and bright feel in your bathroom. Add light by employing a window in bathroom. You can install the glass block window which will eliminate the use of blinds or shades. Use soft or pale colors to give an illusion of more space. Install tiles in diagonal pattern to develop the sense of depth. The accessories, towels and display items should be in bright colors to make a perfect contrast. You can use either use dark color flooring or use light colored rug on dark flooring. Limit the use of too many shelves and cabinets.

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Storage is another thing which could be helped by wall mounted glass shelves, linen closet, baskets etc to store the items. For relaxation, you can add small seat and tub headrest to enjoy your shower experience. Use candles in order to create peaceful ambiance. With these remodeling tips, your bathroom will become a place to relax for hours.