Remodeling Tidbits For a One Bathroom Home

Remodeling Tidbits For a One Bathroom Home

If you have only one bathroom to do renovations for, it could seem somewhat of a challenge as a full remodeling can take up to 2 weeks to do. Your toilets may be out of service and you definitely need to take a shower. Plan to work closely with your contractor to get a good idea on your timeline. If you plan your schedule accordingly, the transition of a newly modeled bathroom will be very simple.

Get an estimate from your contractor in regards to how much your remodeled bathroom will be.

Pick out different paint, fixtures, and accessories even before your contractor has started working. Knowing what you want up front can prevent work delays and contractual changes during the job. Changes can also increase your project cost.

Once you get a timeline from your contractor, you can then start planning to get restroom accommodations somewhere else, such as, with a neighbor friend or family member. If you have children, this may be a good time for them to stay with a relative or just make sure the bathroom “must-haves” are completed first in the project. Know exactly what time the remodeling crew will start their services each morning so you can better plan your accommodations for the day.

You may have to utilize the laundry room sink or kitchen sink for your daily needs. You can even setup a small area to place a mirror and toiletry items. You may have to go to the gym, workout a bit and then use their facilities to wash up if you need to.

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One more essential thing to do is to take before and after pictures for any remodeling project completed by any company.

Ensure that the contractors cleanup behind themselves on a daily basis especially if there are children in the area.