Tips On Properly Cleaning Your Bathroom

Tips On Properly Cleaning Your Bathroom

There are 5 places in the bathroom that need to be maintained regularly to stay sanitary and clean. The floors, the counters, the sink, the shower/bath and the toilet. With some normal cleaning products and a weekly duty of cleaning it, your bathroom can stay nice and sanitary for you and your guests.

Cleaning your floors to get hair, dirt and dust from the cracks and corners is a regular job that should be done a lot. Your hair falls on to your floor everyday. Men who shave their beards get it on the floor as well as just brushing your hair. It is inevitable and it will happen. Hair combined with dirt, dust, make up and anything else you can make a mess out of in the bathroom can get on the floor and mixed with water creates a nasty grime. Use a good bleach and a scrubbing brush to get it out of the hard to reach places. After that take a nice mop or Swiffer mop and clean the floors that way

Tip: Use bathroom mats and rugs to help keep your bathroom floor cleaner longer!

Your counters and sink are important to keep clean together. Your counter top has many dirt and bacteria growing out it from left over toothpaste to hair products. You wash you hands here and you spit into the sink/or wash your mouth. Dirt and whatever is on your hands and face comes off and into the sink. A good cleaning of the bowl of the sink with a soaking of bleach every other week is important. Use disinfectant wipes regularly to get the grime of the counters and to regularly maintain the bowl.

Tip: Keep your hair products and make up over a cloth so it doesn’t get on your counter top. Also don’t forget to clean your mirror too!

The shower, bath and toilet are probably the dirtiest places in the bathroom. This is where we go to clean our bodies from a hard days work. Anything and everything goes in these places. The toilet is where most of our waste goes and needs to be cleaned everyday. The toilet seat has many germs on it and it would be wise to clean it everyday if possible. Have some disinfectant wipes around the toilet so it can be cleaned daily. Use a good scrubber and a heavy duty bleach type cleaning product to clean the toilet bowl. Same thing with the shower. You want the shower to be cleaned regularly since our bodies and getting rinsed off in there.

Tip: Soak your toilet bowl and shower if it has a bath tub in a heavy duty bleach once a month to make sure there is no bacteria anywhere.

Not all is lost with a dirty bathroom. Some bathrooms have horrible floor plans for cleaning. There are broken tiles that get grime stuck in them or the pipes get clogged and things just start breaking. Remodeling your bathroom to make it more efficient for you is a good idea. Not only can you replace things in your bathroom for easy clean able areas but you can also go green and make it gorgeous.