Top 6 excavator companies worldwide

 Caterpillar Inc.

This is a worldwide manufacturer of construction equipment that is headquartered in Illinois, United States. This company appears top in the world’s biggest excavator companies. They are renowned for their ownership of the world’s biggest excavator which is commonly known as Bucyrus RH400. This excavator weighs up to 1000 tons and often have a shovel mounted on its front. Most construction companies prefer them since they are the most durable brand, easy to use and are often accompanied with the latest technologies that include the safety of the user. 

Volvo CE

This is a Swedish company that is specialized in the manufacture of construction equipment that is majorly used in mining and most of the construction works. They possess the latest technology that utilizes responsive hydraulics and fit systems that enables the changeout of the buckets and other fits. Volvo boasts on the ownership of the fuel-efficient excavators that have so far been unrivalled in the market which as well possess high power, strength and high performance in use. Volvo not only sells the excavator brands but also stocks a variety of construction equipment that include motor graders, backhoes, hydraulic excavators, wheel loaders, asphalt compactors and many more.


This is a heavy construction equipment manufacturer that is based in Korea. The company is well known worldwide for their best performance machines that include excavators, wheel loaders, small diggers, dump trucks often articulated, compact loaders and many more. Their most common excavator type is the crawler type that performs a variety of tasks including scrap handling, digging, lifting, loading, mass excavating etc. They possess an explosive force that is used for earth demolition, they as well have high efficiency in fuel conservation and great convenience in control.

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After Caterpillar Inc., Komatsu, a Japanese company, is the largest manufacturer of construction machines and equipment worldwide. The brand is conscious of the technological need and is always dynamic ensuring that the most recent technologies are within their brand. For instance, the latest 3D GPS is installed in the machine, facilitates the ease of use when navigating the rugged landscape. Komatsu is always open to variety and customized brands used for specific duties, that is, they are renowned for a wide range of excavators varying from mini excavators to the largest types often used in the mining fields.  


This is as well a Japanese company that specializes in the manufacture of construction and transportation machinery and equipment that is well known in the world. Their design is always aimed at reaching the best performance in terms of fuel efficiency, good performance and versatility. They are renowned for their wide range of construction machinery and equipment that includes the mini & large excavators, tractors, crawler cranes, compactors and many more. This company was founded in Japan in 1890 and has proved to be competitive in the construction machine manufacture worldwide. Kubota excavators are the most commonly supplied machinery for an excavator hire company due to their reliability and low maintenance high durability design, and this industry brings in a lot of sales for the company each year.


This is a European company normally specialized in the manufacture and sales of machinery and equipment used in the construction industry, as well as in the waste handling and demolishing of hard formations and structures. It is renowned for its telehandlers and backhoes. On the other hand, it manufactures both custom and large scale varieties ranging from large sizes used in the mining sites.

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The above brands are definitely the primary names you will see at most construction sites, as well as in the mini excavator hire industry which is used by many construction site operations. Most of these excavators are low maintenance and reliable, hence the reason they are trusted brands common to the industry as a whole.