Top Bathroom Remodeling Ideas For 2010

Top Bathroom Remodeling Ideas For 2010

Every year, bathroom design trends change. If you are thinking about bath remodeling and would want to know whats hip and hot this coming season, you have come to read the right article. 2010 is expected to be another explosive year, stylishly speaking. People are getting more comfortable expressing themselves in their home designs so you would expect that the trends are going personal.

For Him, For Her

The problem with bathrooms in the master bedroom is that they are often chaotic and hardly organized. Owing to the fact that men and women have different needs and design preferences, bathroom designs for 2010 are expected to create a place for him and for her. That is so you and your partner can dress up and prep up at the same time without clashing.

Multiple Showers

To beef up the baths functionality, having big spaces for shower is being embraced for the season. Larger shower spaces with multiple shower heads are in. Cluttered spaces with huge tubs that are barely used are out. The now generation needs their bathrooms to be ultra functional. Being able to shower at the same time is definitely a nice idea with all the fancy plumbing and stuff.

Heated Tiles

The feel and look of the stone-cold floor is outdated. The trend of today is heated tiles. Yes, a tiled floor with electric heating mesh beneath is one of the luxuries you can adapt in your own bathroom this season. No need to suffer from getting ‘cold feet’. You can enjoy warmth all over with easy top regulate thermostat that will not only warm the floors but the rest of the surrounding as well.

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Natural Lighting

With the green revolution all over, you can now embrace more natural light in your bathroom without having to lose the privacy of your sanctuary altogether. How you can do that? Simple. Have skylights installed.

Colors, Patterns, Colored Patterns

Bathroom walls can be boring when they are bare. That will be resolved with the upcoming trend. Do you want a lively bathroom? Well then, it is time you adapt a patterned bathroom. You can have floral sinks, intricately patterned tiles, and hip fittings. You can also choose solid colors to fill the walls.


Both vanities and basins are taking on interesting shapes. They are undoubtedly two of the more important facets of a bathroom and they can be used pretty well to attract oohs and aahs. How? Vanities and basins are now made available in different designs that are brand new. Vanities that can be hung on the wall are getting a fairly warm welcome the same way that oddly shaped basins do. Fresh new textures and patterns are also going to be the norm.

Discreet Toilets

This season, toilets are going unobtrusive yet stylish. That means that toilets doe not have to be loud and exposed. They can be installed in-wall or with concealed pipes. No matter what minimalist style you are going to adapt, if you are making your toilets appear discreetly, you are well within the trend.

Bathroom remodeling is a good investment of a project. It will not only maximize your comfort around your sanctuary but also increase the value of your home. If you have got any questions about remodeling and if you live in the San Diego area please be sure to call on us when you want the best home remodeling experience.

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