Turning Your Bathroom From an Eyesore to a Show Place

Turning Your Bathroom From an Eyesore to a Show Place

As homes age, they require upkeep and maintenance. It is the theory of entropy. Things do not improve spontaneously; they deteriorate. This maintenance can be of two varieties: repair of damage and wear and tear and renovating or updating. Usually the two rooms in the house which needs to be updated are the kitchen and bathroom. Rooms such as bedrooms and living rooms can be updated by merely painting or adding new curtains. However, kitchens and bathrooms need more than just a new coat of paint. Over the years, the fixtures and appliances wear out and become outdated. This is when you need a competent, creative remodeling company. In Dupage County bathroom remodeling is as easy as calling a Dupage County handyman.

We will look at bathroom renovation. Bathroom renovation can consist of new flooring, new toilet, new sink, updated bathtub or shower, paint or wallpaper, curtains, and rugs. The bathroom fixtures are the most expensive and most permanent parts of the renovation. For this reason, you need to consider your options in relation to your budget carefully. Toilets have gone through an evolution over the last few decades. The goal has been to reduce the amount of water that is used for each flush. Laws have been passed that require that all new toilets must be of the low flow variety. The other consideration is the surface characteristic of color. Back in the 1960s the fashionable colors were yellow, pink, green, blue, and turquoise. In the 1970s gold and avocado were found in bathrooms as well as kitchens. These days, most fixtures are white, and that is a good thing. White goes with everything and never goes out of style.

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The biggest dream for my bathroom is a bidet. Originally, bidets were invented in Europe. Until recently, all bidets consisted of a separate fixture in the bathroom, next to the toilet. Today, it is easy to find a combination toilet seat-bidet that eliminates the need for extra floor space. The purpose of the bidet is to wash the derriere with a stream of warm water. Some even provide a stream of warm air for drying after the cleaning is finished. While they are rare in the United States, they are very commonly used in Europe and Japan. In this country we are behind the times. Some say that bidets haven’t been accepted because Americans discovered them when they visited French prostitutes during the First World War, so they were considered naughty.

Many old bathrooms have ceramic tile on the floors and the walls. While this tile is currently popular, the styles are very different-more decorative than in the past-and beautiful. However, I feel that you should think twice before tearing out old ceramic tile. This tile is very durable and easy to keep clean. Think of the beautiful mosaics found in Roman baths. You may need to redo the grout, but even if it is an old-fashioned color, leave the ceramic tile in the bathroom.

These are the basics of bathroom remodeling. Beyond these basics are many decisions of color and style. Do you want a modern style,Old fashioned, formal or casual? The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.