Upgrading Your Bathroom

Upgrading Your Bathroom

Remodeling your bathroom not only adds value to your home for you, but it is an investment for the future when you leave. Having an updated bathroom creates the illusion that the entire house is worth more. Just with one simple upgrade you can be rolling in tons of extra dough.

Upgrading your bathroom doesn’t necessarily mean you have to gut it and rip everything out. If something still looks nice and you can work with it then why not keep it? Keep your flooring or your shower. Replace the knobs and shower head and get a cute area rug to change up the floor. The possibilities are endless but you have to remember not to keep TOO much because that is the whole idea of upgrading. You can mix, but not everything.

The tiling is going to be the most fun because there are so many options within it. You can place them as diamonds or you can keep them squares. Try different size tiles or different colors. Boring old fashioned tile is out. It is in to use different types of material like matte tile or stone tile. Keep the colors light and maybe even neutral because they are very interchangeable and can look way more cohesive with many different directions. Stay light and fun with blues and beiges and off whites.

Keep the furniture to a minimum in there. You don’t need to crowd up the room with a giant cluster of unnecessary stuff that is obviously only around for decoration and space collecting. Cabinets should be kept simple. Don’t go overboard with them, same with table and chairs. You normally don’t need them but a vanity might be OK for you.

Sink and countertop space is important. You do most of your daily routine in the sink and the mirror above the sink. Having a smaller sink with a lot of counter space is going to do you a world of good. You won’t have to drop and break make up or risk dropping your razor on your toes. There should be enough room where you are not struggling to balance everything on the edge of the sink.

You will feel so much better when you realize that you have a brand new bathroom. It will be a nice little spa area for you to enjoy a mini get away in every morning. Start planning out and spend some time thinking about it before calling in the professionals to seal the deal.